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Our Proven 5 Step Process

  • 1. Research
  • 2. Investigation
  • 3. Re-Investigation
  • 4. Validation
  • 5. Revised Validation
  • Research

    The first phase is where we start with researching all your credit info, inquiries, public record and all your source of information. Then we do a thorough background check on all collection agencies, or attorneys to see if they are even licensed to collect money in your state, basically getting all of our ducks in a row before we send anything out. This process only takes about 24 hours.

  • Investigation

    Stage 2 is where we will begin the investigation directly to all three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union). And what we will be doing is using the credit bureaus as a mediator between you the consumer and the creditor. Once we forward the dispute to the bureaus, the bureaus then forward it to the creditors. By law the creditors have a maximum of 45 days to respond. If they dont respond they have to remove the negative item. If the do respond it is normally a brief correspondence stating that the account belongs to you. What happens next is that you will receive an updated credit report in your mailbox from all the credit bureaus, and on the front will likely show all of the accounts that we disputed, and it will show all of the accounts that were deleted, updated, or verified no change. What you do with this is VERY important. You need to make copies of those reports and mail us the originals immediately.

  • Re-Investigation

    Stage 3 is our re-investigation process. This is where we take the credit bureaus that was sent to you by all the credit bureaus and demand a re-investigation in to the accounts that are still showing negative, demanding they provide us with documented proof. Again they have a maximum of 45 days to respond or they have to remove the negative item. If they do respond, normally it is in the form of a simple invoice, but going back to the law (FDCPA) it states that a simple invoice is not a validation of debt but they will accept it because they dont want to remove it. They credit bureaus are getting paid not only to report you positive information but the negative as well. If the credit bureaus want to validate the debt by the invoice then we will proceed into our next round.

  • Validation

    Step 4 is where we go directly to the creditor and demand a Validation of Debt. This part of our program is where we differ from all the other company's out there. We will demand all of the original documentation and by definition of original doc we mean, Detailed Payment History and Original Signed Contract. If they aren't able to produce then what they are reporting becomes inaccurate and must be removed. If they are able to produce it then we simpley go into the next round

  • Revised Validation

    Step 5 is where we go back to the creditor and demand a Revised Validation of Debt requesting additional information and this is where they normally ignore our request. If they ignore our request we will get the items deleted based on another law that really benefits you and I as consumers. It's called the Admission of Silence - (It states that you have the right as a consumer to defend your position, but if the creditors ignores you the information by law becomes innacurate and must be removed from your credit report.)